It's What's Inside That Counts (Rachel Maclean)

"garish, kitsch, repulsive – and an ironic triumph for artist Rachel Maclean" (Telegraph)

"Maclean has acquired a reputation for skewering sociopolitical tendencies with works that are by turns creepy and cute." (NEW YORK TIMES)

A film by Rachel Maclean

It’s What’s Inside That Counts (2016) is commissioned in partnership with HOME Manchester, University of Salford Art CollectionArtpaceZabludowicz CollectionTateFrieze Film and Channel 4 Random Acts.

Maclean uses the fairytale genre to examine the murky boundary between childhood and adulthood. She explores ideas of happiness and childhood as qualities that can be packaged and sold resulting in dark and unsettling adventures located in a netherland reminiscent of the supersaturated, candy-coloured palette of children’s television.

Music and songs composed by Finn Anderson. Drawing on a collage of classic Disney songs, Electronic Dance Music and the nightmarish characters of Rachel's candy-coloured world.