Jellyfish (Intrepid Ensemble)

"Major kudos must be given to Sarah Reedman for the lighting design, and to Finn Anderson, whose wonderful and original compositions create so much of the magic in this play."

(A Younger Theatre)

International Youth Arts Festival / Vault Festival / Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Pleasance Courtyard)

Directed by Matthew Woodford & Sean Hollands
Produced by Intrepid Ensemble and Mini Works
Original score by Finn Anderson
Puppetry design by Smoking Apples
Lighting design by Sarah Reedman


A beautiful and entrancing portrait of the bond between a father, a son and a jellyfish.

Young Tom lives next to a lighthouse with his mother and father. After a difficult year, it soon becomes clear that they’re sharing their home with a stranger: a gigantic glowing jellyfish. Can the family learn to live with the animal in their attic?

Originally composed music, puppetry and visual storytelling blend to tell a personal and adventurous story of the sea, parenthood and mental health.

Based on an original story created by the company.